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Camille Monk above anything else, is a mother and wife first. It’s one of her greatest joys to see that her family, which is first ministry thrive. However, when she comes in contact with women who God has strategically placed in her path she immediately dives into her life's work.

Camille is very clear on her calling and purpose to provide women with a sense of comfortability when it comes to God’s scriptures and His will for their lives.
Camille understands that as the world changes the need for being in real closeness and relationship with God is waning. Women across the globe are searching for fulfillment and purpose. They have it all. The degrees, the career, the house, the car, and yet something is missing. What's missing is having God as the center and guiding  force of their lives.
By God's grace and divine assignment, it is Camille's mission to disciple women to a closer walk with God.


Camille Monk Ministries equips believers through books, devotionals, conferences, retreats as well as the Life Work Mentorship sessions.

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