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Wife, Mother, First Lady, Spiritual Counselor, Biblical Teacher, Preacher, all around Sister Friend

God's Daughter

and most important

Camille Monk above anything else, is a mother and wife first. It is one of her greatest joys to see that her family, which is her first ministry thrive. However, when she meets a women who God has strategically placed on her path she immediately dives into her life's work. Camille is very clear on her calling to disciple women into their purpose and calling in God.

A native of Milwaukee, WI Camille holds a strong connection to her community and its surrounding areas.  Attending college at UW-Whitewater but soon leaving after just a year to assist in the raising of her younger siblings, she realized early that her life's work had begun. This unfortunate but necessary life adjustment gave Camille the education needed to have a first-hand understanding of what hardship, support and the need for spiritual guidance looked like.

As life progressed Camille began her intentional work in the community and founded the educational services company Children & Youth of Esteem. LLC which for over 15 years has provided educational services to countless children, youth and young adults through etiquette, protocol and social development services. Soon enough, Children & Youth of Esteem, LLC found a need to expand its reach to directly impact families with childcare development services including HeadStart and Birth-to-Three services.

Her passion for children and families' educational and social needs remain a fabric of her everyday life and her commitment remains strong. During a difficult time in the world as the global pandemic unfolded God placed it on Camille’s heart to launch Camille Monk Ministries to encourage and uplift women and families during this challenging time. Soon after launching her sought-after Monday Morning Reflections series, which currently touches thousands of lives weekly with her transparent, candid and biblically based life-applicable teachings, her ministry work exploded and began moving at a rate that only God’s hand could provide. From continuous speaking engagements across the country to writing five 30-Day Morning Devotionals, conferences, retreats as well as her one-on-one Life's Work Mentorship Program. She sees her life's work as a blessing and an honor and will continue with her Bible in hand, God at the head and purpose in her view makes it her mission to see women healed, whole and walking in their purpose.

Camille has been married to Senior Pastor Raymond C. Monk of Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church for over 15 years. Between studying, teaching and mentoring, she spends most of her time (as an unofficial UBER driver to their son Winston) or watching and talking all things science fiction with Winston as well.

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